Transfer of Ownership Notice

This documentary evidence is being posted on behalf of Chestnut Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC d/b/a Restore Health at University City (the “Current Operator”) pursuant to City of Philadelphia Ordinance § 6-409(4).

1. A copy of any licensing application or license transfer request related to operation of the facility or hospital submitted to the Commonwealth Department of Health or other Commonwealth agency and all supporting documentation.

License transfer request

License transfer update

2. The names and addresses of all individuals and entities with a current or indirect ownership stake and the new ownership stake in the real property of the facility or hospital.

The real property is owned by Penn Center for Rehabilitation and Care. The ownership is not changing as a result of the sale.

3. The names and addresses of the holders, or prospective holders, of any leases related to the facility or hospital.

Current leasehold interest owner: Chestnut Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC

New leasehold interest owner: University City Leasehold, LLC and University City Operator, LLC